DRESS OF DREAMS-GET IT Lowveld Article-Part 2


Danielle Sheedy / 29 September 2017

Robin Rowe, a student at Lowveld Sewing Academy, began sewing lessons five years ago with a very special dream in mind.

She wanted to make her own matric dance dress. Robin held this secret close to her heart for years and told no one, until last November.

“When I was five, my mom bought me a doll you could dress up with fabric using a clamp, and that’s how my love of sewing came about. In grade seven I saw this gorgeous matric dance dress on the Internet, I decided I wanted to take up sewing lessons and make my own. I enrolled at the academy in grade eight. Last year I told Surette and my mom what I wanted to do, and they both supported me 100%.”

Robin began making the dress at the start of January, Surette facilitated all of her lessons. She finished it a mere 10 days before the dance. The dress is a combination of navy and cream, and is absolutely stunning.

She fully lined it together with a royal satin interlining, but turned the satin inside out to reduce the sheen of the fabric. She finished it with three layers of soft bridal netting and detailed the top of the halter-neck dress with Chantilly lace handsewn on with floral embroidery. The detail on the back of the dress is just as exquisite: cover buttons and rouleau loops.

Robin laughs, “People didn’t actually believe I made it myself. It was exactly what I had envisioned, a dream come true. The dance was absolutely wonderful, and when I walked in, I made sure that I owned that moment. I was so comfortable in my dress and felt such pride knowing that I had actually made it all on my own.”

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