The sewing program is aligned according to the SAQA registered UNIT STARDARD # 123632: MAKE GARMENTS.
The course purpose is to facilitate sewing classes to learners in the informal sector that has a
ABET Level 3 presumed to be in place

The following UNIT STANDARD Range is covered:
1) Projects (garments) to be sewn by student will be basic garments that may have no fastening devices such as zips and buttons, but may include Velcro or elastic
2) Tested commercial patterns are used and clearly explained
3) domestic sewing(lockstitch) machines and overlockers are used.
4) basic tools (cutting, marking, measuring) are used as aids during the sewing program. These basic tools are supplied in the starter kit and is clearly explained

Specific OUTCOMES, as prescribed by the QUALIFICATION AUTHORITY, is adhered to and facilitated during the sewing course. These Specific outcomes are facilitated in the following order:
1) Specific outcome 1: Cut out garments using a Commercial pattern
2) Specific outcome 2: Prepare Sewing machine
3) Specific outcome 3: Sew, Finish a garment
4) Specific outcome 4: Check quality and pack completed Garment

The Sewing Course that we facilitate entails the following modules;
1) Beginner Module
2) Beginner step-up module
3) Intermediate module (developmental stage)
4) Intermediate step-up module
5) Advanced module (own Commercial pattern e.g. evening dress)



The Beginner Module consist of:
1) Instant gratification: pillowcase
2) Quilted Tote – fully lined
3) A line skirt with elasticated back
4) Unisex BOXER short
5) Blouse with cut-on sleeve
6) Camisole with Bias binding trimmings

CHILDREN 6 – 10yrs

The Beginner Module consist of:
1) Instant gratification: pillowcase
2) Quilted Tote – fully lined
3) Girls pajama short
4) Girls pajama top
5) Cute dungaree

Beginner Step-up module consist of:

Samples of Seam classifications, corners: inside corners and outside corners, grading, facings, darts and several more samples are facilitated. Within the Beginner Step-Up module, the foundation is laid for the Intermediate Module.

Price Structure

Registration and Starter kit is issued on payment of R1100.00 (non-refundable).
Classes are billed at R 115.00 per hour lessons.

Lessons have to be attended at a minimum attendance rate of 1 HOUR per week and 4 classes per month for effective learning to be established.
THUS: 4 hours per month @ R115/hour = R 460.00 per month.

Classes are paid cash with each attendance, alternatively EFT is accepted with proof of payment.

Duration of Course

The Beginner Course and Beginner Step-up course is scheduled to take you approximately 8-10 months (adult sewing) to complete, at the attendance rate as mentioned above.
Children will take longer and the success behind teaching children to sew is;
1) repetition and 2) the encouragement of their parents

Please note that flexibility is paramount in our school, in other words if you wish to attend class more often than the minimum requirement, you are welcome to do so. This will enable you to progress through the course at a faster pace, presumably that you meet all the ASSESSMENT REQUIREMENTS. However, remember that extra classes are also billed at R 90 per hour

Sewing machines are supplied in class, however we prefer that all students that have their own machines, bring it along to class.
We also sell Sewing Machines at a discounted rate to ENROLLED SEWING STUDENTS.

Classroom Set-up

The Lowveld Sewing Academy is centrally located ,close to Westpack and Crossing Center ,with ample parking in front of the shop. The premises can host 10 students and has ample cutting tables, work stations with electrical points that are easily accessible. There are 2 Ironing stations with all the necessary ironing tools and accessories.

About the Facilitator

I have a National Diploma in Food and Clothing technology obtained at the Pretoria Technikon (1993) with over 30 years of Sewing experience. I have recently qualified as an Educational, Training and Developmental Practitioner (Facilitator) and I am busy with my Assessor qualifications.
There are also 2 assistants to facilitate classes.